Wednesday, August 17, 2011

On the move . . . again!

I've seriously neglected this blog for too long. I have a bunch of post ideas lined up in my head, but haven't had the time to sit and actually formulate my thoughts. I'm hoping this will change once we make our big move back to NYC. Yep, it's official, I can't deny it any longer: we're moving . . . on SUNDAY!

I'm overwhelmed with emotions that span the spectrum: anxious about the preschool application process in NYC, excited about going to work at my *old* school, sad to be leaving family and friends once again, but oh-so-happy to have E at home all.the.time. No more of this traveling back and forth for him, leaving me and Indio alone in Toronto.

I hope you're all having a fabulous summer. I've kept up with some of my blog reading, though I'm still a bit behind. I'll catch you all up-to-date soon with a few posts about what I've been up to while in complete denial about this move all summer! xo


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