Monday, August 6, 2012

A few days in paradise

landing in nassau in the rain
After being home for just over a week from camping, we packed up and headed on another family vacation . . . to the Bahamas!  Our good friends, Denise and Davidson moved to Nassau about 2 years ago and we were super-excited to see them again along with their adorable daughter, Mila.  Emil's mother and youngest sister, Addie, also joined us on our sojourn.

Much to our dismay, we landed at Linden Pinding International Airport during a summer storm. Thankfully, it was the only one during our short trip.

Indio, Emil, and Addie spent most of their days in the water -- ocean and pool -- while Emil's mom and I relaxed with music, reading material, and drinks on the beach. After a hectic few weeks, it was a much needed break.

the water was ridiculous! softest sand, clearest water.
Each evening, we met up with Denise, Davidson, and Mila for dinner.  We feasted on Bahamian specialties such as conch fritters, grouper, and rice and peas.  We were on a mission to find the best conch fritters on the island, and I have to say Frankie Gone Bananas at the Arawak Cay Fish Fry won, hands down! It was so wonderful to sit and catch up with our old friends, though it made me miss them even more.

how lucky we were to have such gorgeous hostesses: denise and baby mila!
my little mer-boy
coconuts on the beach
my sunshine
We spent one evening at Davidson's parents' house, which sits right on the water. The views from the house were mesmerizing. Imagine waking up every morning to the sound of the waves in your backyard! Of course, we also heard tales of the many hurricanes that have hit the Bahamas. Davidson's mom, Ada, cooked us a delicious West Indian meal of beef curry, coconut rice, plantains, and daal puri. The meal was completed with a traditional Guyanese dessert: cassava pone.
the view from davidson's parents' deck . . . crazy!
Though this was a vacation to a foreign land, it was a treat to feel so "at home" with Denise and Davidson and his parents. Our time with them made this trip even more special.
bahamians love canadians
the comforts of home

Our time in paradise was fleeting and it seemed like we were packing up for home just as we got used to it all. We were welcomed to New York by a huge thunderstorm only moments after we landed. It seemed fitting that our trip ended with a [meteorological] bang since it began with one too.

landing at laguardia


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