Saturday, June 20, 2009

Problem solved

My attempt to *sleep train* Indio seemed to be going well after the first night of hell [when he cried for an hour non-stop and then woke up every hour to cry for ten minutes, as if to say, "Mama, I hate you and you will pay for my therapist's bills because undoubtedly this is going to scar me for life!"]. For a little more than a week, he would cry for less than ten minutes before zonking out. But then something changed. It stopped being easy. The crying lasted more than thirty minutes. And hell was revisited again. My heart ached when I heard his screams, but I kept telling myself that I was doing a good thing even if it felt like we had regressed after only ten days. But something didn't feel right.

So tonight, in an effort to *fix* our problem, I put Indio down at 7:31pm, half an hour than his usual bedtime. By 7:40pm he was *sleeping like a baby.* 'Nuff said.


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