Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Snapshot Sunday: weeks 49 & 50

Two weeks of photos and the only two weeks of 2010 before we're onto the next decade of this millennium! Are you ready? I'm not...at all.

[day 338: Dufflet's chocolate banana cake--perfect for an uncle's birthday!]

[day 339: Taking advantage of a child-free Sunday morning with brunch at the Lakeview.]

[day 340: Woke up to rooftops ready for reindeer.]

[day 343: Dino dinner.]

[day 345: Road trip indulgence--the McGriddle is sweet and savoury at its best!]

[day 346: Unplanned outfit coordination.]

[day 347: Hostess Carla cooked up a delicious veggie meal of broccoli slaw-stuffed tofu with soy chorizo & quinoa...I swear to all you carnivores, it was spicy and delicious!]

[day 348: Yes, that's my son in a bar in his pajamas being mauled by an older woman.]

[day 349: Celebrating at Grandpa's with homemade cake while mama is sick in bed.]

[day 350: Seems I always snap a bridge pic when leaving NYC. Makes me yearn for it even more.]

[day 351: Red curry and pyramid rice from Spring Rolls.]

[day 352: Post-movie Blizzard...made the flick more palatable.]

[day 353: The union of two of my favourite foods: poached eggs with guacamole
and avocado...that blackened thing over on the right was well-done potato rosti.]


Ren- Lady Of The Arts December 19, 2010 at 11:42 PM  

Yum all your food shots look so good- sorry to hear you were sick- good job keeping up with the photos!
That roof top shot is so fundamentally Toronto- to me!

phonelady December 22, 2010 at 10:35 AM  

Love the photos hate this time of year .

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