Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weekend Update

After a week that felt like it would never end, the weekend arrived and is now almost over! Both Indy and E have been battling illnesses, thankfully at different times of the week, but still not fun for them. Indy is finally healthy though E still has a pesky cold.

Our weekends usually include watching SNL and one of our favourite segments is Weekend Update. Here is my Weekend Update:

Friday -- 416BookClub: I didn't finish reading this month's book choice, The Hunger Games, but I plan to, even though the subject matter is a bit gruesome for me. Faiza, Judy, Marta, Naaz and I met at the new-ish midtown restaurant, the Burger Cellar for tasty burgers [mine was topped with Gruyere cheese and mushroom ragout], the best-sweet-potato-fries-I've-ever-had dipped in chipotle mayo, and Kawartha Dairy's delicious Moose Tracks ice cream. Oh, and I can't forget Marta's fantastic suggestion that we order fried pickles! Now I know why Snooki loves them so much!

As tired as I was, it was great catching up with the 416BC girls. Next month's my pick so I need to choose a fun eatery for us to try!

Saturday -- I took a couple of hours to myself while Indy napped to go shopping for a dress for next weekend's Pink Party [fun!] and groceries [boring]. E and I needed a low-key evening to ourselves, so we stayed in and caught up on our PVR'd shows while enjoying delicious Mexican Hot Chocolate with mini marshmallows. Kary's post put me on the quest to find some in Toronto, and I lucked out today while grocery shopping.
Sunday -- The weather is finally warming up . . . to a balmy 3 degrees Celsius today! We ventured to the park, which was desolate. Not a single other soul joined us in our trek through knee-deep snow, though if they did, Indy would probably have invited them to join him in a snow snack!

I hope this trend continues because my family has been missing our daily walks, which hasn't been good for anyone! I'm definitely one of those people whose mood is affected by the lack of sunshine. I've heard that taking Vitamin D supplements can help battle that.

Do any of you get down when the weather is bad? Have you found ways to help your mood?

Hope you're all having a restful Sunday and gearing up for a great week!


Marz February 13, 2011 at 5:26 PM  

I hope your Indy and E feel 100 % better soon!!! I'm in the same boat as them, I've been fiercely ill with the flu since around Tuesday night. NO FUN! We had a snow day on Wednesday and yesterday and today the weather has been absolutely beautiful!!! CRAZY Texas weather is making everyone sick around here. Today has been the first day I have been feeling some what better so I'm actually writing this on my lap top in the back yard trying to soak up some Vitamin D in hopes of feeling better. I have never thought of taking Vitamin D supplements but that is a fantastic idea!!! Love the photos of your snow boys :) Especially of Indy and his snow snack :) So proud of you for venturing out in the crazy snow for your beloved family time :) I also wish I could have joined you guys at the Burger Cellar :) Your meal sounds delicious and I too love fried pickles!!! :)

Faiza February 13, 2011 at 6:07 PM  

I didn't know I was sitting beside you while you had the best sweet potato fries ever!!! We must go back!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts February 13, 2011 at 7:09 PM  

Hope everyone is on the mend- that burger sounds delish!

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