Monday, May 18, 2009

Lifeline lost

Haven't posted in awhile because my beloved MacBook died last week. I depend on my notebook for keeping our families up to date with Indio's photos, staying on top of email, online shopping, and of course, blog reading, so I was pretty heartbroken to have no access to the outside world. Luckily, our phones were still in working order, and E was around to chat so I could still connect with others.

Thankfully, I had recently backed it up with Time Machine, so I only lost a few photos. Saturday, I visited the Soho Apple store's Genius Bar and had my notebook refitted with a new hard drive.

When I got home I eagerly went to restore the computer to the latest backup only to be told that I didn't have enough space on my new hard drive! After hours on the phone with Apple Care tech support, I figured out on my own that Time Machine had backed up both our MacBook and iMac to the same folder, which is why the back up was too large for the 80G new hard drive!

I'm not sure if it's fixable, but at least the computer is working...Ugh, isn't technology supposed to make life easier?


Nico Blue May 27, 2009 at 9:44 PM  

I wondered where you've been :)

Glad you didn't loose everything!

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