Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sleep training

At Indio's doctor appointment today I asked Dr. Ajl about "sleep training" to which he replied, "He is old enough to sleep ten and a half hours straight so you can definitely start." Those few words made me elated because it meant that if all went well, I might actually sleep more than 4 hrs in a row! But it was also a little sad because it meant my little man was close to 6 months old, the age at which I had decided we would start any sort of sleep training. Between you and me, I was also scared and nervous. The only thing I had heard about sleep training was that babies sometimes cry for 90 minutes before settling down!

Well, after a day of humming and hawing, researching online, posting on a message board, and talking to a friend whose son is a year older than Indio, I finally told E that I was ready. We were going to cry it out [CIO]! We went through our normal night time routine: nurse, change, storybook...but instead of rocking Indio to sleep I put him in his cosleeper and closed the door.

The crying was torturous...for me! I thought I was going to cry! It felt like an eternity, but after 28 looooong minutes, he was fast asleep. It seems a little too easy too soon. Cross your fingers it lasts for a few hours and we make it through the night.


Faiza July 20, 2009 at 9:59 AM  

It must be working. Have you seen how happy Indio is?

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