Thursday, November 11, 2010

Help me make a bike or two

[how many is too many?]

I finally have a good reason to buy lots of Swedish Berries and Mini Eggs! [you really can't understand my joy the day I found out I didn't have to wait until Easter anymore for those scrumptious chocolate eggs!]

Cadbury Canada has started a fantastic project, the Bicycle Factory, as a way to build bikes for children in Ghana, Africa to help them get to and from school. Last year, they built 5,000, which they are hoping to do this year as well.

How does eating Swedish Berries and Mini Eggs fit into this? Well, each Cadbury product has a UPC that can be entered on the Bicycle Factory site. Each UPC equals one virtual bike part and it takes 100 parts to make each virtual bike. [Trident and Stride gum as well as all Cadbury chocolates also qualify for bike parts.] So, if I was the type of person who already ate her entire candy stash from Halloween, I might have just built an entire bike. [Good thing I'm going to the gym these days.]

Unfortunately, this project ends on Sunday, so go eat some chocolate and start building some bikes!


Keep On S'myelin! November 14, 2010 at 3:18 PM  

Well, fine, you twisted my leg. I'll go eat some chocolate if I have to ;)

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