Friday, April 3, 2009

Brooklyn Icon: Tom's Diner

Finally, after almost 6 years of living in Brooklyn, I made it over to Tom's Restaurant on Washington Ave in Prospect Heights. I had heard stories about his famous shakes and crab cakes so many times in the past that I just had to sample at least one. Alicia and I ordered the chocolate shake while Emil stuck to his usual, strawberry. While waiting for our milkshakes to be shook, we were served a sweet, hot coffee concoction that even Emil enjoyed. Tom came over to greet Indio and gave me 4 quarters, each from a different state, to add to Indy's college fund.

After a filling lunch at Szechuan Delight, there was no room for crab cakes. We'll have to come back for a taste another day.

Milkshakes for Baby


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