Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's getting hot in here

Indio felt really warm last night so I brought out the dreaded rectal thermometer to take his temperature. It was 101.7F! Now, being a first time mom with a first time fever on her hands I think I was pretty calm. I pulled out the behemoth tome, The Baby Book by Dr. Sears to see how serious this fever was [and what my freakout level should be]. Then I checked with my online community, TB and called the after-hours Dr line. This whole time, Indio was completely happy, smiley and acting like normal.

While waiting for a call back, I gave Indy some infant Tylenol, which he seemed to enjoy. Dr Chung called us back and told me if his temperature doesn't go down below 100.4F in an hour to take him into the ER! I didn't want to even think about doing that b/c all I remembered was in Newborn Care class we were told that taking a baby to the ER with a fever would result in a spinal tap if his temperature was above 100.3F! I couldn't even imagine Indio going through a spinal tap. Luckily, jojo, a pediatrician on TB reassured me that he was too old to fall into the *drastic measures* spinal tap category and that actually, his temp wasn't that high and he didn't even need Tylenol, especially since his spirits were still high. Phew, I instantly began breathing again!

Today, Indy continued to be happy, smiley but his fever didn't diminish too much. It was 100.8F in the morning and has now come down to 99.5F. He is sleeping soundly in his cosleeper [woohoo...we have crossed that line of sleeping on his own vs. sleeping in our bed!]. We have an appt with Dr. Ajl in the morning. I guess if he's completely ok by then, he will have to get a few more immunizations. I hope Emil's ready b/c I won't be in the room for that.


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