Friday, April 17, 2009

City Mouse

Today I proved that I can mother like no other in this chaotic city. Indio and I headed into Manhattan with Sophia for a long day of lunching, shopping, and good ol' catching up since I hadn't seen Sophia in what felt like ages. The first 3 hrs of our day were pretty nondescript other than the atrocious lines at Babies R Us in Union Square. Indy slept until after we finished our lunch at Lannan. I breastfed him at the restaurant but waited to change his diaper until we left the restaurant so as not to gross out the other patrons.

It was a gorgeous day [so long overdue after this sloppy winter] so I decided to change Indio in Union Square Park, just as Hank Azaria walked by! Sophia and I headed to 5th Ave to window shop and at the Gap Indio began his hungry cry, so off to a dressing room we went for another feed.

Indio was fantastic the entire day and endured my and Sophia's languorous walks through the shops of Union Square and lower 5th Ave without so much as a fuss when he was hungry or wet. He even made it through an hour at Forever 21! I was pretty proud of myself for lasting so long and being able to breastfeed without any hesitation. But the most impressive part of the day was on our way home on the R train. Indio was getting restless and it was time for him to eat once again [I told you it was a long day!]. At first I was just going to let all the passengers on the train endure his cries since it was only a few more stops till we were home, but his little cries broke my heart and I ended up breastfeeding him ON THE TRAIN. Never have I felt so liberated.


Faiza July 20, 2009 at 9:53 AM  

Love that you took the R train on! Way to go!

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